Cancer in childhood is uncommon. Out of 10,000 normal children, one will develop cancer during their childhood. The initial diagnosis can be frightening and stressful for child and his/her parents.In most cases, there is no specific reason for the child to have developed cancer as it is no one’s fault. The good news is that all childhood cancers are treatable and most are curable. Dr. CS. Ranjit Kumar MBBS, DNB (Gold Medal), DM (JIPMER) is senior most oncology doctors who can do best and care treatment for Paediatric Cancer (Childhood) cancer in Hyderabad, India as well. He has completed his MBBS between 2001-2007 at S.V.Medical College, Tirupathi, NTRUHS, India. He is best cancer specialist in Hyderabad.

childhood cancer treatment

The cancers can affect any part of the body- the most common affected are bones, blood, and muscles. The familiar cancers include: blood cancers (leukemia), cancers of the lymphatic system, (lymphomas), cancer of the brain and spinal cord, muscle and 0.bone cancers (sarcomas) and other cancers seen in the very young children (embryonal cancers).

Children are not adults; their needs are different and need to be treated by in the differemnt ways and Dr.C.S.Ranjit Kumar is the best Paediatric oncologists who is trained to give the advanced treatments to them. Paediatric oncologists are responsible for treating all malignant conditions among children like leukemia, bone cancers, Wilms tumor, brain and spinal cord tumors among several others. With timely, appropriate and complete treatment, majority of children with cancer get cured and can lead their lives as usual.

Most Common Types of Childhood Cancer

Primary Cancer and Secondary Cancer

The “Primary Cancer” is where the cancer started. In case some cells break away from the primary cancer site and settle in another part of the body, this cancer is then called as “Secondary Cancer” or metastases. The cancer cells can spread locally by entering the bloodstream or lymphatic system. However, secondary cancers are made up of same type of cells as primary cancer.


Found in the blood and bone marrow, this cancer accounts for one third of all childhood cancers. The common cancers found in children are: Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL) and Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). These cancers can cause fatigue, weight loss, bleeding, joint pain and high fever. As acute leukamias have a tendency to grow quickly, they need immediate medical intervention (chemotherapy).

Brain and Spinal Cord Tumors

The second most common cancers in children are brain and central nervous system tumors that account for a quarter of all childhood cancers. They commonly occur in lower parts of brain like cerebellum or brain stem. Most common symptoms seen are dizziness, double vision, severe headaches, vomiting, and difficulty in walking or holding things.


They start in lymph nodes and lymph tissues and can also affect bone marrow treatment as well as other organs. The most common symptoms are swollen lymph nodes under neck and armpit, excessive weight loss, and fatigue. 2 types of lymphoma that can occur both in children and adults are

  1. Hodgkin Lymphoma
  2. Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

Wilms tumor

This tumor accounts for 5% of childhood cancers and is commonly found in children aging 3-4 years. It usually starts in one or both kidneys, causing swelling or lump in the abdomen with symptoms like loss of appetite, nausea and fever.


This cancer develops in infants and young children. Accounting for about 6% of childhood cancers, neuroblastomas can begin anywhere but starts in the abdomen, and may also cause severe bone pain and fever.

Bone Cancers

About 3% of childhood cancers are bone cancers that occur in older children and teenagers (though they can develop at any age). Most common types of bone cancers are:

  1. Osteosarcoma, which occurs in the areas where the development of bone is quick i.e. long bones in arms or legs. The pain usually becomes severe at night or while doing activity, causing swelling around bone.
  2. Ewing Sarcoma is most commonly found in young teenagers. It usually begins in the hip bones, ribs or shoulder bladders or leg bones.

Symptoms of Paediatric cancer

The cancers in children are hard to recognize as the symptoms are common/similar to childhood illnesses or injures. However, if the below mentioned symptoms persist, it requires immediate intervention:

  1. Continued, unexplained weight loss
  2. Headaches, often with early morning vomiting
  3. Increased swelling or persistent pain in the bones, joints, back, or legs
  4. Lump or mass, especially in the abdomen, neck, chest, pelvis, or armpits
  5. Development of excessive bruising, bleeding, or rash
  6. Constant, frequent, or persistent infections
  7. A whitish colour behind the pupil
  8. Nausea that persists or vomiting without nausea
  9. Constant tiredness or noticeable paleness
  10. Eye or vision changes that occur suddenly and persist
  11. Recurring or persistent fevers of unknown origin

Treatments And Care for Children

Paediatric oncologists diagnose a child's cancer by doing tests to identify the specific type of cancer. This is called as "Confirmatory Testing". There are different tests done to identify the type of the cancer and followed by that diagnosis there are tests done to identify the particular stage of the cancer to save the child life this is called as "Staging". For this, several investigations are done like:

  1. Blood and Urine Tests
  2. Imaging with ultrasound, MRI, CT scan, PET CT scan
  3. Bone Marrow examination and lumbar puncture
  4. Biopsy

To Stage "Solid tumours", there are several examines in the size of tumour and affected lymph nodes as well as where it has spread. To Stage "Lymphoma", the doctor examines the lymph nodes, bone marrow, liver, spleen, lung and the res t of the body. Also, few special tests like genetic testing of tumours are also done to assess the capability of cancer.

It is most important to get the correct diagnosis so that right treatment can be given to the child. For most of these tests, the child is sedated so that the child may not move or feel any pain. The correct diagnosis and the right time of treatments can save the children’s bright future. We will get to know cancer location with our cancer screening test process, our senior most cancer specialist Dr. CS Ranjit Kumar will do excellent cancer treatment from Hyderabad, India and Maldives before going to treatment we do cancer genetic testing and counselling to make patient awareness on cancer.

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